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April 14, 2011

Access Denied error for pages with SummaryLinkWebPart

If you are getting an Access Denied error for pages with a (potentially empty) Summary Link Web Part on it, on WSS 3 or MOSS2007, do check that the permissions on the Style Library for the current site collection allow read access for the group that the user, getting the error, is in.

You may see List guids appended to the end of the Access Denied page URL, but these MAY NOT be directly at fault, and it’s worth a quick check to ensure that the Style Library has the correct permissions, as the XSL Style Sheets for the Summary Link Web Part are used directly from this web part.

April 8, 2011

OSX Cisco VPN Client: Error 39: Unable to import certificate

If you’re having problems with the Cisco VPN client on Mac rejecting certificates, and giving the unhelpful error:

Error 39: Unable to import certificate

Check that you have the correct password for the certificate. Be assure that the Mac client can read pfx files, and this does not require you to import the certificate into Keychain Access and export as a p12 file – as reported elsewhere.